Importance of a brief


A brief of your specific needs helps minimise possible misunderstandings about the scope and detail of copy-writing required. It also minimises unnecessary rework and omissions.

As effective communication is a means to an end, it largely depends on accurately conveying the intended message/s. Outputs are not always going to be perfect at the first stage draft, and I appreciate that your expectations, as initially briefed, may change once the draft stimulates new thoughts or needs.



At Falcon, I will tailor your output /articles to align with the intended business image, hence please aim to inform us of any stylistic guidelines or special needs that you require.

Here are some of the key aspects to discuss.

  • Describe the end use of the article / message to be conveyed.
  • What medium will it will appear in?
  • What tone or formality do you want.
  • Outline the target audience / priority group.
  • What kind of response do you want?
  • Is there any “call to action” statement needed?

Please advise your timing needs

Setting reasonable forward time schedules allows time for me to gather relevant and existing research material and content; time for the copywriter to properly check the article, and time for final adjustments on any formatting changes.


Cliff Howard
Falcon Writing Australia