Who am I? I am an independent marketing practitioner and copywriter / editor with over thirty years' experience in sales and marketing management positions in Australia. I gained expertise in writing effective communications through hands-on media liaison and writing at Melbourne University; Clemenger Advertising; Telstra; HC Sleigh, and Western Power.

My Linkedin site provides additional information about my background.

Testimonials about my professionalism and acumen are available on a separate page within this website.

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This website includes examples of my photo retouching /artwork, plus examples of my original paintings linked here to another of my websites.

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I understand the sales, marketing and communications needs of all sized businesses.

  • I was Communications and Publicity Manager between 2008-2010 at the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, University of Melbourne. My outputs included writing media releases; producing the Annual Report; and I was editor of the quarterly Melbourne Institute Newsletter.
  • I offer expertise in preparing clear and persuasive communications tailored for your target customers and stakeholders.
  • I specialise in preparing concise and straightforward website content, plus the design and writing of newsletters - including images.
  • Your satisfaction in receiving quality writing is paramount to me. I have worked in the education sector; telecommunications; aviation; travel; export; manufacturing; wholesale fashion; retail and government.
  • I was also the editor of a quarterly magazine for an electricity company’s corporate customers, and have written submissions on deregulation policy plus proposals that have won Australian-wide new product franchises. I understand the often complex challenges in maintaining strong relationships with key business stakeholders.
  • I offer an in-depth knowledge of market research procedures and especially questionnaire design. For several years I was the National Market Research Manager at Telstra and MobileNet, and later I held a similar role at a major Australian electricity organisation.
my 10 pixel blank image for gaps I aim to create a consistent tone and style within my clients’ written messages / speeches. Even the logo or tag-line needs to complement the nature of your business. I believe that my art background helps me provide fresh feedback on your image and web presence. my 10 pixel blank image for gaps Examples of my paintings can be viewed on my Facebook page. my 10 pixel blank image for gaps my 10 pixel blank image for gaps my 10 pixel blank image for gaps
  I would be delighted to talk with you about your business communications, or to comment on how I might be able to improve your promotional materials. my 10 pixel blank image for gaps   I respect your time, and I understand the importance of getting to understand your particular business and style preferences.   Cliff Howard Principal Falcon Writing Australia enquiries@FalconWriting.com.au my 10 pixel blank image for gaps my 10 pixel blank image for gaps quote by Alfred Tennyson and photography by Cliff Howard 2016   a quote about reading by Cliff Howard. Statue photo taken at NGV - 2017 Photography of gumtree bark