by Cliff Howard 

For those interested, I hope you enjoy some of my 56 short poems in rhyme,
published on ISSUU – ‘Simple Poems for Complex Folk’.

Paintings can stimulate
poems yet born,
that comfort and uplift
the old or forlorn.

Poems can conjure
a memorable time,
of loveliness, warmth
and passion sublime.

My poetry has largely been influenced by:-

Eighteenth century poets:

William Blake; Robert Burns; William Wordsworth; Charlotte Smith; Lord Byron; Percy Bysshe Shelly; John Keats.

Nineteenth century poets:

Ralph Emerson; Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Henry Longfellow; Alfred Lord Tennyson; Robert Browning; Emily Brontë; Letitia Elizabeth Landon; Adam Lindsay Gordon ; Thomas Hardy.

Twentieth century poets and lyricists:

Banjo Patterson; Rudyard Kipling; William Butler Yeats; Henry Lawson; D.H. Lawrence; T.S. Elliot; A.A. Milne; Judith Wright; Les Murray AO; Bob Dylan; Paul McCartney; Carole King; James Taylor.


Some read or write 
Ramblings or prose,
Best seen when fresh
Like dew and the rose.

They’re not new words
Not even the rhyme,
We are but a wing
On the breeze of time.

Haiku is nice
Like sake and rice,
But poems take my thought
To Stilton and port.

Thoughts are like breaths
In a sonnet or song,
Part of life’s symphony –
Too short, never long.

Is it a blessing
Or is it a curse?
Relentles­s rhyme
Hypnotic verse.


Cheers, Cliff